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About California Academy of Sciences Tickets

California Academy of Science is a natural history museum that wraps experiences of land, space and water. Visitors can experience harmonious relations between earth, freedom and the ocean. One will remember this experience throughout life as it brings innovation and renovation to explain things of past, present and future. You can visit this amazing place using your California Academy of Science Tickets.

It comprises the planetarium, rainforests, and aquarium, along with a depiction of natural history. The innovation and scientific information presented in different forms help scholars, researchers and even visitors to understand the power of research which is further combined with education on environmental and sustainable practices.
The Academy allows visitors as it aims to transform communities, individuals and ecosystems. You can do many things if you reach Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The museum usually opens at 9.30 am and has arranged different activities for each age group. For children, there are activities like Story Time on Wander Woods, Puppet Theater in East Garden, Penguin feeding for all, expedition reefs, swamp talks, a tour of the universe and others. The museum is so experience-enriching that many shows and events require reservation through California Academy of Science Tickets

Booking California Academy of Sciences Tickets Online

There are many portals and online modes which help to buy tickets in alignment with your travel plan. The online platforms contain details like recommended places in the California academy of sciences, sightseeing, and acquiring tickets and passes. If you make a reservation, you will get a California academy of sciences ticket discount. These online portals have reviews from real-time visitors, which will help to get more insights into the place you are visiting.

You can easily cancel the reservation with no fees by booking your California Academy of Science Tickets online. Along with the service of book and pay later. You will get information on what you are getting within the price (including entry to different shows, details of weekly programs and access) and what facilities you can receive.
You will also get a California academy of sciences ticket discount if you purchase in combination. This will vary from website to website, although the most popular ones would be California academy of science + de Young Museum, Walt Disney Family Museum +academy of science and others. California academy of the sciences ticket cost is reduced if you purchase them online in combination or for two locations.

California academy of sciences Combo Tickets

California Academy of Sciences + de Young Museum

Both the museums offer enriching life experiences and educate you about things in past, existing times and what is expected of the future. Using this combination, you will get a California academy of science general admission ticket entry, admission to Osher Rainforest, and access to daily programs, living roof, aquarium and others. In addition, you will receive an overall discount in ticket prices. With the same ticket combination, you can visit de Young Museum and gain access to the legion of honor. You are just required to choose visitation dates, complete payments through secured gateways and receive your tickets on the given mobile number. If there are changes in the travel plan, you can make changes as per the rescheduling policies.

Walt Disney Family Museum + California Academy of Sciences

California academy of the sciences ticket cost will be expensive if you do not combine it with the destination. Booking in combinations not only saves costs but enriches your experience of travel. By taking this combination, you can save more and get access to the Walt Disney Family Museum.

You will be discovering drawing, cartoons, movies, music and others. The access to the California Academy of Science will be huge. These California Academy of Science Tickets will allow visitation to Osher Rainforest, living roof aquarium, and daily programs for children and adults. The best part is that you will experience two different aspects of entertainment and education in one ticket while also saving costs. Since you can do it online, you skip the line while entering both places.

Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito + California Academy of Sciences

You will receive a California academy of sciences ticket discount by booking this combination. This ticket admission allows you to bike on Golden Gate Bridge, providing a tour of San Francisco's coastline.
You will also get bike rentals for not more than 24 hours with accessories like a handler bag and rear gear racks. For your safety, you will be provided with helmets and city maps that will help to experience nature by biking the coastline.California academy of science general admission tickets can be done through. You will access an aquarium, planetarium, rainforest and others. You can participate in routine or weekly programs conducted within the Academy's premises.

Exhibits at California Academy of Sciences

Steinhart Aquarium

Steinhart Aquarium is a very interactive and diverse aquarium which provides shelter to more than 40000 animals and living beings. The aquarium is home to more than 800 unique biodiverse species. Your visit to the aquarium will get you an opportunity to learn about the underwater and terrestrial habitats. It was opened in 1923 and has become a pioneer in inspiring the general population on sustainability. They are providing solutions to upcoming generations by researching and restoring coral reefs.

Morrison Planetarium

Taking a California academy of science general admission ticket, you can visit an iconic exhibit. This planetarium has a 75-foot dome with advanced visualizations and realistic depictions of the virtual environment. It will educate you on how planets and earth operate through their recent discovery and theories. Planets, spacecraft, stars or anything about the galaxy has been curated with mirror real-world imageries or motions. You should be a part of Hohfeld Hall, which plays daily. This program will introduce you to 4s cosmos wonder.

Osher Rainforest

If you are taking California Academy of Science Tickets, you must plan to visit this rainforest. The tropical woods include life forms like free-flying birds, exotic reptiles, amphibians, and Amazonian fish. It is a 90 feet tall neotropical rainforest with more than 1600 living beings. It's an amazing experience owing to its four stories which help you to understand the world beneath the Amazonian rainforest.

Kimball Natural History Museum

This natural history museum owes its existence to more than 160 years of research conducted by the Academy. The museum offers you education and knowledge on natural colors and their impact on families. You will also encounter the nature of North California such as redwood, fog, earthquakes and others. Academy has more than 400 specimens of gems and minerals, which you will find in this museum. The main highlight of the museum will be the 87-foot hanging skeleton of a blue whale.


Normal California Academy of Science Tickets will not give you access to this event. You will be required to pay additional fees to be a part of Nightlife. You will get a chance to meet 40000 animals in the presence of a bar, dazzling light, live music and DJ. Many events are organized in Nightlife from 6 pm to 10 pm. This includes events like Dream On, Forty Winks, Sleepy Scents and others. You will know what animals and living organisms, including humans’ function during sleep.

Penguins+Pajamas Sleepovers

Penguins and Pajamas are events or facilities for the family where you can sleep beside a coral reef or tunnel of Amazon Forest and watch animals at night. If you have a child 5 years above, this might be an enriching experience for life. You will be provided snacks, early morning breakfast, and a late-night event. You will not only get a chance to spend your night with penguins but also explore the underwater world and meet with amazing aquatic creatures.

Know Before You Go to the California Academy of Sciences

Essential Information
How to Reach

Location: 55 Music Concourse Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118, USA

Health Safety and Dining: - To keep you safe, the Academy has strict regulations. - For this, you must do all bookings in advance, should have all vaccination certificates, and wear a mask indoors is a must.
- All people from children aged 5 to 12 are recommended to be fully vaccinated. - Along with the experience, you can refuel yourself with delicacies at Academy café and Terrace restaurant. However, they are operational only during the day till 4 pm.

  • By MUNIThe four areas of the MUNI would, 44 O' Shaughnessy which will be directly dropped in front of the academy. 5 Fulton, this will drop at Fulton Street which is a five minutes walk from Academy. 7 Haight which will drop you in Lincoln Street from where the Academy is 7 minutes away. And the last N Judah Metro drops you at Irving Street will be the stop which is 10 minutes away.

  • By BicycleYou can also enjoy biking as the streets have special biking lanes as you can rent bicycles from Bay wheel rental station. Bike racks are available on Music Concourse, located both right and left of the academy.

  • By Shuttles Shuttle service is free from Golden gate park and will stop JFK DR. and Music Concourse DR. You can also take an operative shuttle for all seven days from 12- 6 pm.

  • By CarIt is recommended that before planning routes, you must check Google Maps, as the road remains blocked frequently.

FAQ's of California Academy of Sciences Tickets

Is the California Academy of Sciences worth it?

Yes, the visit to the academy is worth it owing to the experience and technology used for the exposure. All the habitats have been restored, providing an absence of knowledge and education on the environment. The Academy offers many events and services to enrich your experience and expertise.

What is inside the California Academy of Sciences?

California Academy of Science is a natural history museum of land, space and water. You will experience harmonious relationships between the earth, freedom and the ocean. The Academy uses cutting technology and innovation to provide a unique experience through events for children and adults that will bring you closer to nature.

How much are admission tickets to the California Academy of Sciences?

For an adult, the California academy of science general admission tickets cost approximately $40, while it is lower for students, children and senior citizens. The ticket costs will be lower if you purchase from our online websites.

Can I buy California academy of sciences combo tickets online?

Yes, you can buy California Academy of Science Tickets from our website. You can receive the ticket on your phone with buy now and pay later options. The California Academy of Science's official website also helps plan your travel by selling tickets for events and admission entry. The Combo tickets will only be purchased through external online portals.

What is the best way to book California academy of sciences tickets?

It is recommended to book from our official website as you will get the best offers and discounts on your tickets. Booking online is very convenient as compared to other modes as you can book them from anywhere in the world.

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