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If you have not been on Alcatraz tours, you simply cannot claim that your San Francisco itinerary is complete. Located off the shore of San Francisco amid the San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz Island’s modern legends can be traced back to the American Civil War era when it was used as a military fortress. By the 20th century, it turned into a prison, and as the decades passed, became the most infamous prison in American history. Renowned at its peak as the most secure federal prison in the world, the maximum-security facility housed some of America’s most dangerous criminals, including Prohibition-era gangsters Al “Scarface Capone and George “Machine Gun” Kelly, and the most infamous Robert Stroud, the “Birdman of Alcatraz.

Abandoned as a prison facility and now functioning as a recreation centre, Alcatraz Island is a hub of tourists looking for a thrilling adventure and wishing to explore America’s dark past. Hop on a ferry and cross the waters that made escape impossible from Alcatraz, and enter the sordid island to tour what remains of the infamous prison. Listen to stories of former inmates and chat with expert historians as you embark on a self-guided audio tour of the prison cells and island attractions with fellow adventurers.

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Alcatraz tours are among the most popular attractions in San Francisco, with tickets getting sold out weeks in advance even though the tours are conducted every day. If you wish to explore the legendary island which started off as a Civil War fort and ended up as the most infamous federal prison in the US, it is highly recommended that you book your tickets in advance online.One can choose from a variety of island tours like the Alcatraz night tours and Behind the Scenes Tour, or they can opt for combo deals that include exploring other attractions of San Francisco. Get the best deals on the tours as you book them online, and also save a few bucks by availing of great discounts on the combo packages. Purchase your tickets as per your travel plans from the comfort of your home, and save time when you explore the intriguing Alcatraz and the iconic attractions of the city

All Your Alcatraz Tours Options

Alcatraz Day Ticket

Explore the multi-layered history of America’s most renowned prison with Alcatraz tours. Alcatraz Day ticket includes a round-trip ferry service to San Francisco Bay’s Alcatraz Island, along with admission to the Alcatraz Cellhouse. Stroll through the nineteenth-century facility with the award-winning informative Cellhouse Audio Tour and witness the examination of Alcatraz Island as a military prison within US incarceration at The Big Lockup Exhibit. From outdoor spaces like Eagle Plaza, Rose Garden, Sallyport, and Recreation Yard to New Industries Building, the tickets provide you access to the various attractions of Alcatraz Island as well as the magnificent vistas. Witness the darker side of America’s modern history come to life as you explore remnants of Alcatraz’s past like political messages of the Natives with your Alcatraz Day ticket.

Alcatraz Night Tour

If Alcatraz during the day is intriguing, Alcatraz night tours offer an unforgettable glimpse into the world of one of San Francisco’s most popular tourist destinations. As you witness the spellbinding Golden Gate Bridge at sunset, be a part of special programs, activities and tours that are unique to the night tour of Alcatraz Island. From experiencing cell gate demonstrations to listening to spine-chilling stories of the old prison and its inmates, visitors on night tours get to interact with expert historians who converse on different topics each night. Limited to a few hundred visitors, the guided Alcatraz night tours are a must-try experience for all those who love thrills and mysteries.

Alcatraz Behind the Scenes Tour

Experience the thrills of exploring a lesser-known side of Alcatraz Island with a smaller group of people on the Alcatraz Behind-the-Scenes Tour. These Alcatraz tour tickets take visitors on a guided adventure where they hunt for clues and witness the sites they have only heard rumours about, like the underground tunnel and jail. The two-hour tour is conducted by expert historians or National Park Service Rangers who take you to the numerous zones that have restricted public access and tell you intriguing stories about the prison that was renowned for being the most secure prison on earth. Once you are done with the special exploration, stroll around Alcatraz Island and prison to your heart’s content and return with unforgettable memories.

Alcatraz Ticket and Angel Island Combination Island Hop Tour

Explore two of San Francisco Bay’s most infamous islands, Alcatraz and Angel Islands, with the Alcatraz Ticket and Angel Island Combination Island Hop Tour. Conducted over approximately six hours, witness America’s darker side of history come alive as you travel on the first hybrid ferry of the US. While the Alcatraz tours tickets allow you to explore the legendary prison which was once the most secure prison on earth, Angel Island State Park offers a guided tram tour of the island’s historical landmarks. Listen to fascinating 20th-century historic stories of the islands as you stand at the sites where those events took place with this popular package tour.

Alcatraz, Big Bus, and Chinatown Walking Tour

Witness San Francisco’s three iconic and most popular tourist landmarks, namely the Alcatraz Island, Big Bus, and Chinatown with the Alcatraz, Big Bus, and Chinatown Walking Tour. A blend of the city’s intriguing history and diversity, this tour begins with a round-trip ferry to Alcatraz Island, where curious visitors get to explore the most infamous prison in American history. Head to the world-renowned Chinatown and visit its attractions with a knowledgeable guide who narrates fascinating details about the area’s unique history and traditions. The final experience on offer is the Big Bus tour, where visitors get to watch the stunning sights of San Francisco from an open-air bus as a guide accompanies them throughout the ride.

Official Alcatraz Tour + 2-hour City Bucket List Excursion

If you are making a quick pit-stop in San Francisco for the Alcatraz tours but want to explore the highlights of the city as well, the Official Alcatraz Tour + 2-hour City Bucket List Excursion is just the package for you. Start your day with a self-guided tour of the most notorious prison in America, Alcatraz Island, which housed some of America’s most dangerous criminals and was famed as the world’s most secure prison. Head back to the city after a relaxed experience and hop on for a ride of a lifetime as you witness the most popular attractions of San Francisco. From Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, North Beach and Chinatown to Fort Point National Historic Site and Pacific Heights, make the most of your day with this much sought-after package.

Alcatraz Inside and One Day Bike Rental

Experience two of San Francisco’s iconic adventures, Alcatraz Island and bike riding through the city, with the Alcatraz Inside and One Day Bike Rental package. Hop on a ferry and head to the infamous Alcatraz Island, which was once a maximum-security federal prison and housed America’s greatest criminals. Explore the prison’s highlights and other attractions of the island with a self-guided audio tour. Head back to the Pier and drive through the city’s most popular attractions on a rented bike throughout the day. A fun combo for independent travellers, those booking this package get to plan their day and tour Alcatraz and the city at their own pace.

Alcatraz with San Francisco Bay Cruise

If you are in San Francisco, you must visit Alcatraz and embark on a sightseeing cruise, two epic experiences that are included in the much sought-after Alcatraz with San Francisco Bay Cruise package. Witness the dark side of America’s incarceration system at the most notorious prison in world history with a self-guided audio tour of Alcatraz Island and its attractions. The round-trip tickets allow you the flexibility to explore the mysterious island at your own pace. The next experience of cruising around San Francisco is the ultimate way of sightseeing in the city, where you can explore the major tourist attractions and the city’s skyline from a unique viewpoint.

Alcatraz and Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito Guided Bike Tour

Explore the amazing city of San Francisco on a bike and witness America’s most infamous prison, all in the Alcatraz and Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito Guided Bike Tour package. On the first day, ride down the stunning San Francisco Waterfront from Fisherman’s Wharf and cross the Golden Gate Bridge to reach Sausalito through the famous car-free national park bike path. Keep the bike for the rest of the day and explore the magnificent city on your own terms throughout the day. The next day is for the Alcatraz tour, where you get to stroll around the island amidst the cool bay waters with an audio guide that narrates stories and informs you about the various points of interest in Alcatraz.

Big Bus San Francisco Muir Woods and Alcatraz Island Combo

There’s no better way to explore two of the San Francisco Bay area’s most popular attractions, the Muir Woods and Alcatraz Island than the Big Bus San Francisco Muir Woods and Alcatraz Island Combo. A rare combo tour that offers two adventures in one day, the tour takes you across the Golden Gate Bridge to stroll through the Muir Woods. Witness the magic of the calming redwood forest in this escape from bustling city life, and then head to the most intriguing attraction in the area, Alcatraz Island. Once renowned as the most secure prison on earth, the now-abandoned facility is a place full of mysteries and clues about the island’s notorious past that visitors can unravel with a self-guided audio tour.

Know Before You Book Alcatraz Tours

Location & How to Reach
Fees & Visitor Center
Essential Information
  1. Location:
  2. Alcatraz tours take you to Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, CA 94133. The sole way to reach the island is by hopping on ferries at the Alcatraz Ferry Terminal on The Embarcadero, which is close to the Bay Street intersection at Pier 33.

  3. How to Reach:

  4. By Public Transportation: Muni F Line runs through The Embarcadero, the Alcatraz Ferry Terminal, and the Fisherman’s Wharf.

Weather on Alcatraz tours can change out of the blue during the course of the day and ranges from cold and foggy to sunny and windy. While spring and autumn seasons are pleasant, summers are cool and foggy, and winters are rainy. The temperature range varies between 38 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Fees and Passes

Ferries for Alcatraz Island tours have a round-trip fee, and it is highly recommended that visitors pre-book their tickets in advance to reserve their place on the ferries as they are mostly sold out. Alcatraz tours are priced differently based on the experiences they offer, and it is advised visitors purchase them online to reserve their place for the tours and also to explore the variety of tours available for Alcatraz.

  • Visitor Centres

Alcatraz Island tours are conducted from 10 AM to 8 PM on all days of the year except on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years’ Day.

  • WiFi is unavailable and cellular reception is limited on Alcatraz Island.

  • It is important to bring your ID for the Alcatraz tours.

    • Wear warm clothes for your Alcatraz tour as the weather gets chilly.
    • Alcatraz Island has no food options available.
  • While most people spend approximately two-three hours at Alcatraz, you are free to spend as much time as you wish.

FAQ's of Alcatraz Tours

How much money does it cost to go to Alcatraz?

The costs of Alcatraz tours vary as per the experiences they offer. While the standard day tours cost approximately $40, the special behind-the-scenes tours are priced at more than $90. Tickets for children cost less, while infants can visit for free. It is recommended that you book your tickets online to avail of discounts on the tours and enjoy exclusive deals and offers.

Can I go to Alcatraz without a tour?

Visitors can explore Alcatraz Island without booking a tour. One needs to purchase ferry tickets and take a self-guided audio tour if they don’t wish to book a tour. However, it is recommended that you book an Alcatraz tour to enjoy a well-planned exploration of the island as well as the city of San Francisco.

What is the best time of the year to visit Alcatraz?

If you wish to avoid the heavy crowds that throng Alcatraz during the peak season, the best time to visit the island is during the winter months from January to March. However, if you are concerned about the weather conditions, the best time to visit the island is during the spring months of April and May, and the autumn months of September and October.

What is included in the Alcatraz tour?

While all Alcatraz tours have different itineraries, they include some basic parameters like round-trip transportation to Alcatraz Island by a ferry, a self-guided audio tour of the prison, admission to the Alcatraz Cellhouse, interactions with Park Rangers and Alcatraz staff, and exploration of the prison and the island.

Should I book my Alcatraz tour online?

It is highly recommended that you book your Alcatraz tour online. The tours are much sought-after and sell out very quickly at any point of the year. Hence, to ensure you have the chance to explore the island on your preferred day, reserve your spot by booking your Alcatraz tour online in advance.

Are there any discounts on any of the Alcatraz tours?

While the ticket prices for Alcatraz tours have a fixed price and are non-negotiable for discounts, you can avail of great discounts when you book any of the combo tours.

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